Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Manchester Science Festival 2016-Part Four

I was free on Tuesday 25th October so I decided to go back to Manchester Museum. When I was there yesterday I spied a permanent exhibition, I had never even noticed before. A vast coin collection. I was curious but my partner Glynn has collected coins for many years. I took far too many photo's but they were to show him. This is a collection of British coinage dating back to 200BC! Here are alot of photos for all the numismatists among you. Enjoy!

BC-AD Coins

BC Coins
Elizabethan coins

I've rarely seen a £50 note and I've NEVER seen a £100 one at all!

Too many for me to post so I hope you have enjoyed this sneak preview.

In a room nearby was a small drop in event which was part of the festival. It was called The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Solar System. Here you could talk to the astrochemists etc about there work and ask them questions. You could also hold real pieces of the moon collected by Apollo Astronauts as well as pieces of Mars and  4.5 billion year old meteorites. You could look at them under microscopes too which I did. It was very pretty. I had an interesting chat to an astrochemist who spoke about her work looking for organic content in rocks.


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