Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Manchester Science Festival 2016-Part Five

Wednesday 26th October mean't I spent the Day MOSI for my third time volunteering. 9am-5.30pm. Lots to see here as always. Everything starts at 10am after we'd been briefed. I was in the Power Hall to begin with on the Driverless Cars event. This was by Siemens who are one of the festivals main sponsors. I enjoyed my time chatting to their guys who were from the Princess Road site. They were impressed with the Congleton site which is where Glynn works :) There were Scaletrix style tracks and toy cars. The idea being to see if you can drive the car around the track faster than the on screen driverless cars. The answer is no but this was alot of fun, enjoyed by all. Takes a bit of practice but I just about got it in the end. Kids could also make their own torch. Siemens are proud to be part of The Curiosity Project and had a ready made kit car on display. You can buy the kits to make such a car and compete in races which are a test of endurance, seeing how far you can go rather than how fast.


Later I went into the main building, (Great Western Warehouse), where there was Mega pixel  and Robot Orchestra. There was a fab Royal Society Science Exhibit in the Textile Gallery. I walked around enjoying and observing it and taking pictures. Duncan, another long term volunteer and mathematician was on the Megapixel table. Here you help build a big picture of a famous face by colouring in small transparent plastic sheets of squares (pixels?). The Robot Orchestra was truly stunning and impressive and played about 3 sessions per day. By Lunchtime myself aand other volunteers were standing by the Robot Orchestra just to make sure that nobody got too close, especially as interviewing and  filming was going on. We got to see the final performance and the conductor is a bot in his own case. He was called Graphene :)

Royal Society of Science exhibit.


Robot Orchestra:
 Conductor: Graphene.

I was also meant to be spending the day at MOSI on Friday 28th October again but spent the day in bed with a migraine instead.

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