Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Manchester Science Festival 2016-Part Six

For my fourth stint as a volunteer at the festival I spent the day at Manchester Craft and Design Centre on Thursday 27th October. This venue was in the Northern Quarter. I was excited as I have never been here before. One thing I love about being a festival volunteer is discovering new places I've never been to. This centre is a series of gift studios (as opposed to shops), where each has an artist in residence using their skills and creative talents to make and sell their wares. This event apply named Scientific Studios. Each day a different craftsperson would give a demo showcasing how their products are made. Whilst also looking at the science behind it such as melting points and materials which make up metals, glass,ceramics, textiles, plastics and ink. Volunteering was from 12pm-6pm. There was myself and just one other volunteer, the lovely Mimmi. She is uber enthusiatic about everything. Today our artist specialised in making beads/jewelry from glass. She had a gas cylinder burner on a table surrounded by everything she needs. She would be demoing to visitors and answering their questions. Another drop in event, the artist, Charlotte gave Mimmi and I a demo first and we were both completely blown away. Her work is awesome!  She explained that she prefers to use italian glass rods and she made a bead for Mimmi and I. I chose a purple rod and Charlotte put silver sparkles in it. There was a video constantly playing which showed how this is normally done. Charlotte likes to do it her own way.  I used my iphone to record her giving us a demo. Mimmi and I took turns in our roles of keeping a tally of visitors and  enticing people to come in whilst doing a quick survey on those leaving the event. This event was flawless. I left glad I had been here and hoping to pop in again in future. Here come the pictures (and video)!

Amazing jeweler Charlotte at her table.

A table of tools and materials for visitors to look at and handle:

Charlotte demonstrating how to make a bead from a glass rod. Mimmi is chosing a rod for her bead.

                                                Video playing in studio also showing     how it is done. Hopefully in future I will find a way to upload the recording I did of Charlotte but for now the file is apparently too big.

Further along was an amazing ceramics studio. Of course there was  a potter and his wheel behind the counter!

My lovely bead!

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