Sunday, 26 August 2012

Goodbye Neil


I was extremely saddened yesterday to hear that one of the great hero's of the 20th century had passed away. I am of course referring to the amazing Neil Armstrong the first man to ever set foot on the moon. He was 82. He may have avoided the limelight as often as he could and been a relucant hero, describing himself as 'just an engineer' but from now on the world has changed and is a poorer place without him.
Upon going to bed lastnight my partner asked me to bring into he room his bottle of favourite whisky. I was puzzled by this and didn't make the connection at first. Its not as if this is a weekend bedtime ritual of ours or anything. So, when I entered the bedroom with his bottle I saw he had 2 shot glasses ready and waiting by his bed. After expressing my puzzlement as I climbed into bed he said  this is to celebrate Neil, he was an important man'. This made me a tad emotional but so we sipped and reflected on this great mans life. My partner has always been interested in the planets and the Apollo Missions. He can talk in  great detail about it as if he were there! This is the only time we have ever carried out such a commemoration in this way.
On my early morning run today I saw the moon. Okay it was more or less daylight and rather faint but it was there so I looked up and winked as I trotted along, couldn't help but smile too even through the sadness. When I returned home I found my partner watching From The Earth to The Moon. I joined him and we watched it over breakfast. My partner has been watching such things in remembrance for most of the day. In the Shadow of The Moon was next.
Our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends at this time. RIP Neil Armstrong, and thank you. The world will not and cannot forget you. xxx

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