Saturday, 22 September 2012

A methane rocket

Last Monday, that is 17the September, in one of our labs we gave the A level physics students their first science demo: a methane rocket! Always great fun for everyone. Our physics technician provided the empty drinks bottles and attached abit of plastic tubing on the outside of it with gaffer tape so that it could be threaded onto the string in the lab. Myself and a colleague as chemists were asked to generate the fuel :D we generated oxygen using manganese dioxide and 100% vol hydrogen peroxide. The rocket contained a 70:30 mixture of oxygen and methane which we of course got from he fumecupboard gas tap. This was great explosive fun and I can't believe we were allowed to do it indoors. This demo was the idea of our new physics teacher. Looks like were are in for a fun year if not an explosive one. I filmed it using my phones camera and thankfully I spoke softly enough for the mic to hardly pick up my voice. Here is that video I hope you enjoy. Perhaps you can tell me in the comments either here or on YouTube what you think? Is this a demo the kids would remember? I think I would :)


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