Wednesday, 23 February 2011

So you want to be a STEM Ambassador?

I have been a STEM Ambassador since September 2009 and it is a decision I am very pleased to have made. I love it! It is such fun and you get to meet fellow enthusiastic like minded people. I think it is also a great networking tool and a nice way to make new friends. A STEM Ambassador is essentially a science communicator and to find out more about this initiative and to sign up to become an ambassador yourself, please visit their website Do you have what it takes to inspire people about STEM subjects and to dispel myths and stereotypes which people still believe? I became a STEM Ambassador because it sounded fun and exciting which it is. I thought it would present me with opportunities which it has. Let me give you an example. In January 2010 I was interviewed for a  US radio station about the STEM Ambassador program and how it could be implemented across the pond. I have also met and worked with some wonderful people and I hope to work with them again. Another reason was to hone my skills at communicating science  to non-scientists as I feel I need to improve in this area. What a nice way to acquire a new skill. When I first started we were told that there were 11k ambassadors in the UK and that the goal was to have  27k by 2012. The fabulous news I recieved this month is that that goal has now been surpassed already. Of course the more the merrier and this can only enhance the diversity of experience available to faciliate STEM initiatives and inspire future scientists. On a personal note last monday I attended the Didsbury Scibar as I do every month. This time the speaker was from the University of Manchester  Dr Paul Walmsley talking about low temperature physics. In the not too distant future I may well be the chairperson for this event.

I am grateful for any feedback and comments. Thanks for reading and don't be a stranger xxx