Thursday, 27 January 2011

International Year of Chemistry

I can't believe that it is the end of January already. I guess things have kicked off regarding chemistry at some places in the world and it can only continue, and get better! Today marks the opening ceremony for the international year of chemistry, in Paris. Here are some interesting and useful links

Tomorrow, January 27th, the opening ceremony for the International Year of Chemistry will be held in Paris, at the UNESCO HQ

To watch the Program, please click on:

To watch the Launch Ceremony live, please click on one of the following links:

Floor – mms://

English – mms://

French – mms://

and this is just the beginning of a very exciting year !!!

Yesterday saw the opening of a new gallery at MOSI (Museum of science and Industry) and the ribbon was cut by Manchester's very own Prof. Brian Cox. It's a pity that I only got 20 minutes notice about this on my Twitter feed lol otherwise I would've headed over there before work to meet him and ask him to sign my copy of his book. Ah well, such is life, c'est La vie. I hope there will be future chances for this to happen when the Prof is at home long enough ;) Take care all, and enjoy 2011

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