Saturday, 20 March 2010

Big Bang Science Fair 2010!

Phew, I am late in posting this as this time last weekend it was all over! Many apologies for the delay, it was great fun but very tiring. This fair took place thursday 11th March to saturday 13th March at Manchester Central. I was there for 2 whole days on friday and saturday.

When I first walked through the door and had a walk round I was in total awe of the place and knew it was going to be exciting so much to see! I was here as a WISE woman rather than STEM Ambassador. Its the same thing really only we were encouraging young girls to think about taking up a career in science and they get to see that real female scientists exist. I spent most of my time working with 2 lovely indian girls and we all got to wear a lovely pink t-shirt.

Flattered by the camera as usual! There were live shows going on but obviously I couldn't go to them so missed out on some good stuff and seeing/ meeting some well known shows and scientists. There was Brainiac Live, TED Talks, Bang Goes The Theory and The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures.
When I did get a chance to see some things there were all sorts of unusual and fascinating stuff, such as a coffee powered car! I got to make my own badge and do some welding too. I learn't that you can also weld with chocolate ;D I noticed a DNA model made entirely from pop tins, a great photo opportunity.

Its lovely to see everyone enthuse about science, having fun in what they do. I would do this again in a heartbeat. Nice to meet such lovely folks and to be involved in engaging the public in science! ;D I hope to do more of this.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Jeff Goldblum on Relativity and beer!

Love this ad from 1991

Apparently the Holsten Brewery is in Hamburg. I didn't know or realise this when I was holidaying there in 2007! All of the JG ads for this product were hilarious IMHO ;D

Sage advice and inspirational talk about achieving happiness

Hope you all enjoyed this talk as much as I did ;) xxx

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