Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Manchester Science Festival 2016, Part one.

It was that time of year again, our great event here again! This year the Manchester Science Festival ran for 10 days from Thursday 20th October to Sunday 30th October. This year marks the tenth Anniversary of the science festival and there was a party to celebrate this on Thursday 27th October at MOSI. It involved lots of dancing, drinking and fun until late. I would really like to have gone but my pregnant self wouldn't be able to handle it. In fact there were alot of Science After Dark events for adults involving alcohol which I know were very much enjoyed by all who attended. This year I volunteered at 6 events and like many volunteers I went to look at other events on the days I was free. On the first day of the festival, 20th October, I visited The John Ryland 's Library where there was a wonderful exhibit entitled: Capturing Science-images past and present. This comprised of photos and sketches of scientific images many from 1800s but going back as far as 1400s! Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take photos of any of these.

 They also had sciencey stuff on display from their archives which was nice to see. I'm always glad I visited this beautiful building when I do.
Whilst I was here I also saw the small exhibit along the stairs which was named: Imagining Medicine. This showed sketches of 16th and 17th century surgical procedures and reimagined in modern day via photography and acting. I wasn't sure if we were allowed to take pictures so I erred on the side of caution and didn't. All I have seen today at John Rylands was free.
On Friday 21st October, I went to Manchester Museum to view 2 exhibits and I made up for yesterday by taking too many photo's. The first was on the ground floor and called Extinction or Survival? Lots of species have become extinct since life began on Earth. The aim of this exhibit is to make us consider conservation issues, as it looks at how humanity has influenced the survival of animal and plant species. How can we all make a difference? I loved it! There follows a selection of photo's.

I also managed to see Maude, who was Manchesters only Tigon.

Maude the tigon

The second exhibit, on the second floor was by photographer Jim Naughten. It was entitled: Animal Kingdom-Stereoscopic images of natural history. It was wonderful, I really enjoyed myself today. Both of these exhibits were free too. Here are some of my photos of it. I hope you enjoy it too!


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