Thursday, 22 December 2016

Manchester Science Festival 2016-Part Seven (The End)

The end for me that is, not quite for the festival. Here we are on the penultimate day of the festival, it has passed far too fast as it does every year. Saturday 29th October and I do my final session as a volunteer. At Portico Library, another new venue I was unaware even existed! I was there from 2pm-5.30pm which meant I could finally go to The Chronarium at last. It really is like mindfulness and now I understand why it was so successful and why you leave feeling relaxed. Anyway I arrived early at Portico Library which is near the central art gallery though you can easily miss it if you don't know it is there. It is a very old library with alot of ancient texts. It has books dating back to 1400s! The event here was called Frankenstein 2.0. It was comprised of 2 speakers followed by a debate with q&a. The first speaker Sharon, a professor of literature and Shelley expert spoke about how much of Shelleys vision had come to pass with advances in nanotechnology and medicine. Then a lovely guy whom I had spoken too earlier mused about what is life. This was humourous and set off the debate in the end. Marcin and I sat at the back and watched. There was also a bar. I am quite taken with this place and would like to be a member. It turns out that you need 2 nominations from people who are already members. There was also an art exhibit in the centre but we managed to find a copy of Shelleys Frankenstein from around 1836 so this went out on display too. Enjoy these photos.

 Portico library ceiling

                                                                                                                The Venue
             First speaker, Sharon.

 Second speaker, a Professor of Chemical Engineering. Sadly, I can't recall his name, lets call him Martin. Here he has a funny equation: Chemistry+physics=life.

Shelleys Frankenstein
circa 1836!

And so another Manchester Science Festival comes to an end for me. It is not over yet, there is still tomorrow. I hope you have enjoyed my festival. With so much to see it is a unique experience for everyone. There are hands on events, conversations, poetry, walks, tours, film screenings etc. This festival is ever expanding with more venues across Greater Manchester every year. Including Salford and Bolton, Quarry bank Mill and more. Do check it out, you'll be glad you did! I'll do it all again next year. Hope to see you then.Sarah xxx

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