Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Day 3:Drones Expo

Saturday 24th October (also Sunday). I did this event all day and it was such fun, kids and adults alike love this and I do too. It only took place over these 2 days but I am sure there are such events as this at other venues which you can go to if you wish. So worth it. Here all the action took place at MOSI behind safety nets and for free. There was just a 10 minute queue and we were so pleased at how patient everyone was and to see the kids enjoying it so much. There were remote control quadcopters with LED's and demo's of larger ones on the hour. These demo drones had movable camera's attached to their undersides allowing people to see themselves on 2 big screens at the back. Who can resist a wave? You can see 2 videos below of these drones being demo'ed. The really cool part is that there were 2 Rolling Spider drones which operate with an iphone and I just happened to have my iphone 6 with me.So yes I installed the free app and off I went. I was told these are easier oto control.That may be true unless you are me! It was amazing. I fully intend to buy one of these for myself in the future. As a volunteer it was my job to change and recharge the batteries which only have a life of 6 minutes. There were spare parts and mini tools as well as we are the drone technicians. There was a table near the screens with 2 drone repair experts and spare parts too. Also people were free to go and chat about drones and find out all about them A guy had made 2 films using drones which he called 'Game of Drones'. What else? :) They were seeing peoples reactions to being given parking tickets and also following people who don't pick up their dogs poop. So far this event is certainly one of the highlights for me. Please check out these photo's.

Two large drones being demo'd

                                Please enjoy these 2 videos of the large drones being demonstrated.

  Whilst I was at MOSI, I got a glimpse into
the adult ball pool which is epic! I can't wait to join in the fun with this next week. This pool consists of 81,000 balls and will be here for the duation of the festival, so last day November 1st. From 10am untill 5pm every day at a cost of £5 adults only. Go on...you know you want to.....check out my 2 sneaky photo's.

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