Sunday, 25 October 2015

Day 2: Body of Light

Friday 23rd October. I spent the whole of today in the 1830's Warehouse where the main event was The Body of Light Dance. I hadn't known what to expect but I really enjoyed this. So much so I ended up filming it! You can see the raw video further below. This is a really popular event and visitors only had good things to say about it. I never heard a negative comment. This event by Dance Manchester is a fusion of dance and technology. After the performance the choreographer explained how it worked (sensors on the clothing, talking to the computer essentially). There was then an opportunity to have a go yourself. The kids loved it! This is a free event and you can drop in anytime. There were 2 performances in the afternoon but the choreographer and tech dude were available anytime to chat about this. Nice stuff.  I hope you too enjoy the performance :)

The venue in 1830's Warehouse.

Not entirely sure why YouTube have turned this video through 90 degrees. Sorry about that.

There are plenty of other things to see in the 1830's Warehouse as well as this being the home of the 4D Theatre which is great for younger kids where you can watch and experience a 15 minute animated short called Pirates. I have, thats also great fun! In this building is an event called Cravings where you can learn how food shapes our appetites. This is a free drop in event which is here until September 2016 so you have plenty of time to see this. Its on the second floor.  I found myself talking and having fun with other visitors. Like most people I got most of the sniff samples wrong. I was surprised by this until I had a go myself.  It is bizarre :) There is also an impressive model of the human gut with explanatory notes. Here are the photo's.


Gut Model

The Sniff Test
Up on the second floor is an amazing exhibit called Evaporation. Artist Tania Kovats celebrates the oceans and tides, in partnership with british chemist James Lovelock who developed Gaia Theory (look it up, read the photos below or pop along and see!) Evaporation consists of 3 metallic bowls filled with seawater. They were set up at the start of the festival and are left to see what they look like at the end of it. There is also a collection of bottles of seawater from the worlds oceans. It is hoped, and the aim is that one day the collection will comprise of a bottle from ALL of the worlds oceans.Sounds impossible doesn't it but it's looking good! here are some photo's:

Project info

Gaia Theory

                             Bottles of seawater from all the worlds oceans. Such a   beautiful sight!


This exhibit is here until May 2016 and is a wonderful contribution to this years science festival. You do want to visit this! Excited for my third day tomorrow when I will be at MOSI all day once again volunteering at the Drones Expo. 

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