Sunday, 13 November 2011

Manchester science Festival 2011: day7

So it is the last day already. Of course I enjoyed myself but I felt a little sad. I think we all did. It has certainly passed by very quickly! Again today I did the evening session at MOSI.

It was entitled Dr Sketchy's Sketchorama
and went on until10pm I think. Andy
and I left at 9pm. It was an awesome
and popular event with many participants and was described as a life drawing event with a science twist. Naturally! :)

I really enjoyed it and was responsible for signing people in. Again we had a bar but it wasn't as good as fridays ;). Just usual beer this time. We had some magnificent cupcakes though. Compliments to the baker for those.

First up on stage was a familiar face. One David Price, award winning Science communicator whom I remember being 'Mr Maths' last year. He also used to be the host of Didsbury Science bar. One minute he was dressed in a suit and the next he looked like a sumo wrestler. He was demonstrating an objects centre of mass/gravity. Then the drawing began. a 50 year old body builder posed in many ways and the audience had only one minute to draw each pose. It looked like fun but I hadn't brought any drawing materials with me. However, I did notice the MOSI managers joining in, talented they were too. In fact it looks like this event drew the right crowd, no pun intended! I don't really understand the significance of the skeleton either even if tomorrow night is halloween. The next act was a contortionist from Britain's got talent apparently! It was time to go home though for Andy and me, so all done and dusted for another year. What a way to finish, thanks MOSI! XXX

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