Saturday, 12 November 2011

Manchester science Festival 2011: day5

Today Friday I did the evening session at MOSI. I have to confess that I didn't feel the best as we went to the Didsbury Beer festival lastnight, for the first time! Feeling sad as this is my penultimate event but everyone entered into the spirit of things and had a fab time. This event was called Spacetacular and that it truly was. I greeted people and encouraged them to visit the bar and dress up. Its great to see people joining in and there was alot of tin foil and glitter involved. There were bottles of festival ale and cocktails but I wasn't up to that. It was £5 a bottle but they all sold out! The first half of the night took place over the road in the power hall. Researchers to mingle with and talk too, a planetarium show and a caravan with a guy talking about Carl Sagan. I would've liked to see that myself but I did see some nice costumes.The second half was going on until 9pm so I didn't see it all. As I was saying goodbye to the lovely young lady on the desk, a familiar face popped up. His name escapes me but I must have met him last year. He was wearing a boiler suit and a black curly wig and had told me earlier that he liked dressing up lol. Anyway we wanted his picture taken with me which I thought was really sweet. We did see a fabulous astrophysics student named Jen Gupta doing a spot of stand up about Star wars. She was dressed as an imperial trooper including mask. I have a friend who would approve of that but to me the ultimate scifi movie is Blade Runner. Then a guy came on talking about his work making satelite parts. A lovely evening. 

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