Friday, 31 October 2014

Screening of The Mummy

Last night at our beautiful John Rylands Libray I volunteered at a screening of  The Mummy (1932, Boris Karloff). Met and chatted with 3 other interesting and nice volunteers again. There was a talk before the film abou old techniques used to analyse mummies to see the person had died of or what medical ailments they may have suffered from. I was there to meet and greet at both events.

Most people will take any opportunity to visit this library and we are no exception. It is really something to see if you ever find yourself in this fair city.

After everyone was seated we wacthed the movie which started at 7.30pm and finished at 9pm. As it is a horror movie I wasn't expecting laughter but there was plenty of that amongst the audience. Also a couple of funny moments involving technology breaking down. I guess that is funny to me because there we were in this old ornate building with the lights turned down low watching an old black and white movie on a small ye olde projector screen when all of a sudden a computer error message popeed up. If that hadn't happened I'd have thought it was all done using the old school projection style.

It was a nice night for walking to the bus  stop and I was accompanied along Deansgate by one of the other volunteers whose name I wish I knew. Hopefully I will find out of Sunday at our Thank you party. So another successful and pleasant experience. It only remains for me to wish you all a very happy and safe Halloween. I am not doing anything for the ascience festival tonight which means I can go to our local beer festival which is currently happening. Looking forward to my last science festival session all day tomorrow though! x


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