Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Science Festival Book reading

My next event as a volunteer wasn't for a few days and as I love the book readings I of course went to the second one at Blackwells too. There are 6 altogether but I can't make it to any more after this. This one was by George Marshall whose life's work has been to convince people that Climate Change is a real thing. His talk was about why people ignore climate change and to sum up the answer is largely because it is too far into the future and people can only deal with the present. This talk was a sell out and more chairs were needed. George is a very entertaining, eloquent and funny speaker and the talk did get political. He has good insight into that whereas personally I try to stay clear. I loved it and was really glad I got a chance to see his talk. I bought his book, had it signed and abit of a chat. I told him that as a scientist it is frustrating that people still won't believe/change their minds even when you present them with evidence. He agreed saying that it was maddening and that the best way to shift their beliefs is to say that this is what you believe or are convinced is true.Great Advice! I am now following him on twitter @climate george. If you want to know what his talk was about then buy his new book 'Why do people ignore climate change?'

George had his own introducer. He is the guy on the left.This was a great way to spend a Monday evening!

There is still plenty of great science and fab events to come at the festival so why not come along and see for yourself. It will entertain you kids too over the half term.


Enjoy :D


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