Thursday, 30 October 2014

BFI Event

Wednesday night and we are half way through the festival already! This marks the first of 3 evenings dedicated to the BFI event.The venue was the main warehouse at our MOSI.

Each night a double bill screening of 2 films by a particular director. First up was Terry Gilliam with Brazil and 12 Monkeys. I have the latter on dvd and haven't watched it for years. It is a memorable and excellent movie. If you haven't seen it, I recommend you do. I was very happy to be volunteering on this night as out of all the films screened there is only one I haven't seen and that is Brazil. I arrived on time at 5.30pm and met the other volunteers. Had a welcome coffee, egg and mayo sarnie and some 'Swizzlers' as there was a big bucket of these retro sweets to keep us going. 2 volunteers were doing evaluations, one was showing people to the seats and I was on meet and greet and had to apologise as unfortunately our guestspeaker had cancelled due to illness. There was a bar and a free raffle to win posters and banners etc. Brazil started at 7pm and we all sat down at the back to watch it.  It has a great cast, was very funny and of course being TG, it was weird as well. Very weird. Whilst I am pleased to have seen it and really enjoyed it, I can't pretend I knew what it was about. Didn't really like the tragic ending for our hero played by Johnathon Pryce. I loved the music and even though I haven't seen this film before I have, oddly enough, heard the theme tune before which is lovely and I still have it in my head now as I type :D. It finished later than anticipated at 9.20pm rather than 9.10pm. We still had an interval and the raffle tickets were draw during this time. Then 9.45pm saw the start of Twelve Monkeys. The other volunteers had left during the first film, just me left! I stayed for 20 odd minutes, just long enough to see Brad Pitt being weird. This film was due to finish at 11.50pm but I left at 1.30pm, by which time it was raining alot but no matter. I wasn't cold and had had a great evening. Thank you MOSI!  
This evenings double bill is Total Recall and Starship Troopers. Both fab scifi films by the superb dutch director Paul Verhoeven. Starting at 7pm. Book and buy your tickets online.

If you'd rather watch something older and spookier why now pop along to the beautiful John Rylands library to see the 1932 movie The Mummy starting the one and only Boris Karloff. It starts at 7.30pm and is free but you must book.

I will be there so I would love to see you.

Finally tomorrow night sees the last installment of BFI at MOSI with a double bill by my favourite director Ridley Scott. Alien and Prometheus, whats not to love? :D

If you do attend any of these screenings, why not let me know what you thought of them in the comments below. Thanks and I hope you did enjoy them

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