Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Royal Photographic Society

So Wednesday 28th October I was back at Liz West's wonderful installation 'Your Colour Perception'. Its such a shame I never got to meet the artist whom I was told was in another country(can't recall which!). Although a quiet event at University of Salford there is no need to say I hope that everyone who came enjoyed it. Most of them spent a long time in there and said great things about it. See Day 1, if you wish to see photo's. I really enjoyed this event with my polish colleague Marcin. We had some fun and interesting conversations about for example, 3D printing and Star trek. It would be nice to do an event with him again. We volunteered for this event all day.
Thursday 29th October, saw me at University of Salford, MediaCity where there were 3 events for the Manchester Science Festival. I worked with 3 other volunteers whom I had already worked with. We had a table at the main entrance which mostly advertised the Siemens sponsored Royal Photographic Society who had an impressive exhibition on the 3rd floor. Opposite our table was another one with a lady from Unison.Se wanderd over at one point and when I told her I was a member already she gave me some freebies including a squeezy turtle and a heated travel mug. At the end of the corridor not far from us were 2 installations housed in a black room. The first being Kinetic Flux, another free drop in event. Hung up was an infinity symbol made of glass with a small infra red camera underneath. You go in and move around. This is abit startling at first as it crackles and turns white. You are influencing the flow of kinetic energy which monitors your movements and illustrates the effect of speed, distance and direction via glass sculptures and electric light. Outside the black curtain was a compter screen where people can see your skeleton as you move around. Very cool, even if you appear headless!
Kinetic Flux

Salford Selfie

 Kinetic Flux. Apologies for poor picture quality and thumb nail.

All 3 events are wonderful. I really mean that, but I was most excited to see the 'alienated Chernobyl' event and I was not diasppointed. It had proven to be popular and I was genuinely curious anyway.Who wouldn't want to see what it looks like now? Since the nuclear disaster 30 years ago, Chernobyl has been a no go area and this virtual reality experience shows how animals and plants have adapted to their contaminated enviroment. Wear VR goggles and choose which area to get transported too and see what it looks like now.One could sit there all day! Or step inside a white curtained area and watch the everchanging images on them. This is what I did and the images changed quicker than I could photograph them but as you can see I still got plenty. This is awesome it was so nice to see and just like being there. Loved it! These images were obtained due to the presence of weather resistant and radioactivity resistant tiny camera. Amazing! What do you think?
Virtual Reality Chernobyl

Images from Chernobyl. This is what it looks like now...

Wildlife during the day and also during the night.

I looked forward to the photographic exhibition, mainly because they were scientific in nature and I was curious to see what the artists had done.There were some really creative pieces and some which involved alot of work. Many were beautiful to me and my favourite is one called 'Starry night'. No surprise there to all who know me :) This photo was actually a leaf! There were 2 lovely chemistry themed photos next to each other and thermite has never looked so pretty. One particularly lovely photo took myself and a colleague by surprised when learned it was a Honey Bee anus! Yes we did have a good giggle but were in awe as to how such a photo was achieved. I took so many photo's so I will just leave a selection here including said bees bum! Please check out my albums on Facebook as I plan to have one on the RPS pictures alone for the budding or veteran enthusiast to gaze upon :)
RPS sponsored by Siemens
Sample of RPS Exhibit

'Angry Corpuscles'
'Starry Night' leaf
Honey Bee Anus
So worthwhile seeing this exhibit if ever you get a chance.

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