Friday, 6 November 2015

Last Day...Sunday 1st November

Last day of the Manchester Science Festival that is. So much to see on this last day and I am still sad it is finishing and know from previous experience I will be thinking about it with fond sadness for a while yet. Alot of things going on at MOSI (see website) but I spent the day recuperating and I was excited for tonights volunteer do at the Ball pool. This is a way of saying thank you to us all and kicked off at 6pm. Out of 72 volunteers I would say that most of them were here so that is nice. There was free alcohol and pizza too! I hadn't been sure about the food situ and had some pizza at home, turns out a few of the others had done the same. This didn't stop us digging in! I really enjoyed myself, the lovely converstaions and laughs with people who think the same and 2 go's in the ball pool. We had talked about building a ball mountain when we got in and we did.The fun thing was everyone else outside of our wee group, saw what we were doing and joined in :D At one stage, I picked up a red ball. This was meaningless to me but people noticed and commented, saying things like 'oooh you've got the red ball'. So I began to wonder what this mean't, had I won a prize? Apparently not lol. The STEM team left early, one by one, first of all Pen, and then Marieke but not without saying goodbye as well as how much they loved working with us. I left at 9pm-ish with my table, this includes, Holly, Duncan, Magelena and Charlie. Holly mentioned again at this point that it would be good to have a volunteer facebook group and she would contact Pen about setting one up. I love this idea s I love to keep in touch so hope this happens. Still waiting....So now it really is all over, and just remains for me to say thank you to the STEM Team at/and MOSI for being brilliant as usual. I really did feel appreciated and valued. I loved it and meeting new faces and meeting up again with other returning volunteers. If you have never done this and want to try it out then you really should give it a go. Lets do it all again next year! Check out the pix below and more on Facebook xxx    

The Bar!


My bubblebath :)

View from entrance
Red ball!


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