Monday, 24 October 2011

DAY 1, Science Festival

Actually, it is day 3 but today was my first day as a STEM Ambassador this year, monday 24.10.11. It was a fun day and I spent all of it on the info desk second floor. There were a couple of chemistry events going on but I never got the opportunity to see them. The theme for us was computing and we had a chance to look around before the doors opened at 10am. The BBC events were fantastic especially being on a tv screen and then covering yourself up with a sheet which makes you appear invisible. It works with green and as our t-shirts are green it worked with them too, great fun! Also possible to conduct a classical orchestra and dance to given steps. Outside of this room, was a robot demo, some outdated pc's being repaired and then sent to schools in Africa which I think is awesome. Also some 3D objects to look at on screen and augmented reality with Marvin the paranoid android sitting on a sofa. Also one room had a programming for beginners sessions going on and there were 2 computer related talks today. Around 1.45pm there was a fire alarm which unfortunately disrupted things abit and we had a fire drill first thing when we arrived. When I say we, I only saw 3 volunteers today including myself :( Just 2 of us there for the whole day but I do sincerely hope that no more drop out and I get to meet new volunteers. It would be nice to see old faces too though I have the memories. I managed to take a few photo's of todays events and I lookforward tomorrow when I am working the afternoon session and then doing my first ever evening one. I'll report on this afterwards xxx

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