Wednesday, 18 November 2009


 Hi Dear Reader,
welcome to my first ever science blog. I really do hope you enjoy it. I shall keep it updated and active, lets see how it grows. First of all let me start by mentioning 2 of my online favourite chemistry projects, the now famous and award winning Periodic Table of Video's  and also with musical accompaniment the ever lovely ChemToddler  You can find the links to these 2 sites and much more of there on the left handside.You can also follow me on twitter @SarahScientist.  
Any comments, suggestions, feedback etc are most welcome and I will be thrilled with sage advice/comments you wish to leave ;D.
Also of great importance to me is my other blog which follows my annual training for the BUPA Greater Manchester Run and raises funds for a charity which is close to my heart. The Rutger Hauer Starfish Foundation which supports and helps HIV+ pregnant women and children, initially in the Caribbean but now all over the world I think. That blog has the rather unimaginative title of 'Sarah in Training'                                           
I'd better warn you that you'll hear alot about that come January!......
Take care xxx

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