Wednesday, 18 November 2009

What a great year.......

..........2009 has been for Science. Well hasn't it? Lets see: 1) 40 years since man first set foot on the moon 2) International year of Astronomy 3) Charles Darwin's bicentennary (Happy birthday Charlie) 4) Discovery and naming of new chemical element #112, which is now officially called Copernicium. I'm sure there is something else? :/
Of course there was must excitement last year in Cern, Switzerland when they swtched on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), in the hope of finding the Higgs-Boson or 'God' particle. This is of much excitement to physicists and in often true experimental style things didn't quite go to plan and the thing sprang a helium leak. So it will be swtched on again, this friday nov 20th. Of course they have already tried recently and a piece of bread from a baguette was apparently dropped into the machinery by a pigeon! I suspect this is not the exact story but do you think this project is jinxed perhaps? I look forward to it being switched on again and finding out what happens. Hopefully they will get lots of good data which they can use and will at least tell them something, good luck to them whatever happens. I can't wait for news of this.Here is a link to all you could want to know about the LHC


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