Sunday, 17 May 2015

Chemists without Borders

In February of last year whilst reading my current issue of  Chemistry World magazine, I can across an article which greatly captured my interest. I don't recall what the article was actually about but it mentioned an organisation called Chemists Without Borders. I was very heartened to read about this especially its founder's (Bego Gerber) reasoning for setting up such an organisation because I have always felt this way.Perhaps most chemists do? I have always been proud to be a chemist as it is the science which lies at the heart of solving many of the worlds problems. Poverty, world hunger, clean water for the developing world, life saving drugs. As soon as I was on my computer thereafter, I immediately looked up CWB and became a member. They have twice monthly conference calls and I have taken part in those when I can though sadly no so many as yet. If you are interested in joining/volunteering or just want to know more about them please visit their website:

They have 4 main themes but seem to focus on trying to clean up the water in Bangladesh by finding ways to remove the deadly arsenic from it. They also have a Facebook page.

After a conference call in February of this year I was lucky enough to be made a team member online which allows me to be more involved although I haven't uploaded anything yet. I do keep visiting this webspace though to keep up to date.
One theme is AIDS in Africa and for a couple of months I have been in contact with a CWB board member who has her own non-profit organisation AIDSfreeAFRICA which does alot of wonderful things especially in Cameroon. In fact she is there now as I write this. I am posting relevant things for them on their Facebook Page and also Twitter. Here is a link to our Facebook page

As those who know me can testify, HIV is a subject I am passionate about, or rather seeing effective treatments and in future a cure for this beast.

I want to finish this post with a new CWB video which its co-founder Bego Berger has just made in conjunction with the American Chemical Society. I love it and find it inspirational and very powerful. I hope you enjoy it too and watch it as many times as I have. 

You can let me know what you think of any of this in the comments below if you like. I would loveit if you do.
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