Friday, 7 November 2014

Manchester Science Festival Finale: Comedy in Space

Well as always it was all over far too fast! Taking place down stairs in the MOSI main building was the finale, Comedy in Space hosted by Chella Quint. This was stand up comedy by women :) The volunteers were invited as a thank you for all of our hard work. We had drinks vouchers so I had 2 glasses of red wine. It was great to see some familar faces again and I got a hug when I arrived from a fellow volunteer which was nice. She loved my skull dress and scarf. On each of our chairs was a bag of flyimg saucers, a quiz (name that galaxy) and a piece of paper with a question on. They alternated between 2 questions and the one I got was if alien life visited us on earth which tv alien would you most like then to be like? I said Mork. We had to hand the quiz and the question in at the start. It seems that most people thought like me which is sweet to know.
 Chella was in a space onesie for the first half then changed into a black and white dress. We had space poetry by this women in red. One was a tribute to the festival volunteers.We loved that! There was also Jen Gupta who I have seen before talking comedically about her ridiculously long title and her job.
 We also had a lady doing abit of role play firstly quoting funny quotes about space and then she turned into a drill sargeant. Lastly was Helen Keen talking about well known women of space from the past. This included showing photo's and asking us if we thought they were criminals or role models.

   There was also room to give Pluto the stage and also Uranus which yes did include any innuendo, you can think of!

This was such a great night, what a way to end the festival!
All that remains is the credits

       So long, I hope to do it again next year if you'l have me

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