Sunday, 28 October 2012

Day 2: Domino Computer Challenge

Sunday 28.10.12 I now have a festival program but there didn't seem to be much I could go to today. I went to one event today but boy was it worth it. The domino computer challenge. This event which also happened yesterday was created by mathematician and MOSI science communicator in residence Matt Parker. Basically, it uses dominoes to illustrate how a computer and its circuitry work to solve a calculation, here a simple addition sum. Ten thousand dominoes were involved. This event was billed as starting from 2pm and finishing at 4pm. I arrived promptly before 2pm to find domino builders still setting up. After some time I asked a nice guy at a nearby table (he was one of the builders) and he told me they had been at it since 8.30am! It will more than likely be ready from 3pm and will only take a minute. Got to admire the patience of everyone involved and it was fun to watch them. As it turned out all was ready by 3.30pm. I filmed it on my cameraphone and you can watch my YouTube video below. Sorry about the poor sound quality. No matter what the outcome it was still great fun! I took some photo's as well. Enjoy.


 Also exciting today was a live link up to Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes! You can tweet a message to them on code and they will decipher it and send it back to you :) 'Baby' is here too!

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